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The support of our community continues to humble and amaze us! Through your contribution we are bringing handcrafted mead to Kansas City and reconnecting our community to the honeybee!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Kansas City with world-class meads; made using the finest freshest ingredients, sourced locally, and from around the world. We strive to educate and spread awareness of honeybee health through transforming honey into the amazing beverage it was meant to be.

We seek to raise awareness and educate of the importance bees play in our lives. By bringing the world’s oldest fermented beverage back into the public market, we hope to reconnect our community with these irreplaceable pollinators in a whole new fashion. We also own the responsibility of knowing that our mead will be the first and only many will try, and this is what drives our pursuit of excellence in every glass.

Opening Spring 2019

What Is Mead

So is mead a beer, or a wine?

It is a category all its own! Grapes are to wine, as grains are to beer, as honey is to mead. Often called honey-wine for ease of understanding, mead at its simplest is a mixture of honey and water that is then fermented to produce alcohol.

Are your meads gluten-free?

All of our meads are naturally gluten free because we don’t use any grains. That would be a beer.

Where do you get your honey?

Wish as we might, it is simply not feasible for us to operate an apiary large enough to satisfy our need for honey. In turn, we support local beekeepers that are far more experienced in apiculture than us. While some of the more exotic honey varietals we use come from all corners of the globe, all of our honey is True-Source Certified and non-adulterated.


Our Story

The true catalyst for this company’s creation is the bond between friends, and their pursuit of the creation of excellence. We love creating something special, that people can enjoy, relax with, and bond with friends over. We also love bringing our community closer to the bees, allowing them to reconnect with these all-important pollinators through a whole new experience.

Kansas City is a special place that deserves one of the finest beverages in history, and it’s our privilege to be the first dedicated meadery in Kansas City sharing in that history with you.

Our Mead


Type: Metheglin

Alcohol: 6.5%

Package: Draft and 12 oz can

Price: see details

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Rose, not Rosé

Type: Rhodomel

Alcohol: 6.5%

Package: Draft and 12 oz can

Price: see details

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Aronia & Elderberry

Type: Berry Melomel

Alcohol: 13%

Package: 500mL

Price: see details

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Batch 1: Local Wildflower

Type: Traditional mead

Alcohol: 14%

Package: 375mL

Price: see details

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