Our mission is to provide Kansas City with world-class meads; made using the finest freshest ingredients, sourced locally, and from around the world. We strive to educate and spread awareness of honeybee health through transforming honey into the amazing beverage it was meant to be.

We seek to raise awareness and educate of the importance bees play in our lives. By bringing the world’s oldest fermented beverage back into the public market, we hope to reconnect our community with these irreplaceable pollinators in a whole new fashion. We also own the responsibility of knowing that our mead will be the first and only many will try, and this is what drives our pursuit of excellence in every glass.



We are ever conscious of the source of our ingredients. Purchasing local whenever possible and sourcing low impact, ethically harvested ingredients from sustainable communities around the world. Meaderies are also, by nature, a very low environmental footprint business.



We are proud to support our local beekeepers and farmers. We constantly seek to strengthen our network of partners within the community through collaboration and support. We also strive to foster an open, tightly knit, family atmosphere for our employees as we continue to grow.



At Kaw Point Meadery, we have a passion for the Arts. We are happy to support the ever-growing music scene in Kansas City, as well as the performance and fine arts that proliferate the city.