The true catalyst for this company’s creation is the bond between friends, and their pursuit of the creation of excellence. We love creating something special, that people can enjoy, relax with, and bond with friends over. We also love bringing our community closer to the bees, allowing them to reconnect with these all-important pollinators through a whole new experience.

Kansas City is a special place that deserves one of the finest beverages in history, and it’s our privilege to be the first dedicated meadery in Kansas City sharing in that history with you.

Proud Corporate Member of the American Mead Makers Associaton.


Daniel Bauer

Chief Executive Officer, Meadmaker

Daniel Bauer began making mead in 2012 while attending Oregon State University for Botany and Chemistry.  A Kansas City native, he soon realized the need for a hometown meadery. Upon moving back to Kansas City in 2013 he enlisted the help of his friends John and Sam. Throughout the years he has been awarded several medals for his mead. He is a BJCP Certified Mead Judge, and has attended courses at the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center for mead making. Daniel is our Head Meadmaker at Kaw Point Meadery.

Sam Suddarth

Chief Financial Officer

Sam’s experiences bartending and working in the craft beer service industry helped him hone his businesslike acumen. He’s been helping Daniel make mead and brew beer since 2014, allowing him to deeper understand the production side of the industry. He studies Business Administration at UMKC with a minor in fine arts. Sam is our numbers man here at Kaw Point Meadery.